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Proofreading is the process of checking that a piece of work is ready for printing, that the design and layout have been correctly implemented, that the copy editor's instructions have been followed, that nothing is missing and that there are no remaining errors.

More and more publishers are now sending electronic proofs in the form of PDF files and we have made on-screen mark up of these our speciality. We use the standard proofreaders' marks, so the proofs are clear and easy to understand - no sticky notes that disappear or that obscure the text. Here's what one client said:

    We’re particularly impressed by the quality of your on-screen markup! We receive quite a few marked-up PDFs nowadays and, to be perfectly honest, some of them are shocking! They can be so difficult to understand and negotiate, whereas this PDF is clear, simple and easy to follow, which is great.

    In a world where this sort of digital mark-up is becoming the norm, the clarity of your work is a huge asset to your services. Thanks very much for making everything so easy to follow!

Of course we still work on paper proofs too. We will check:

  • that all the pages of the document are present, in the correct order and correctly numbered
  • that no text is missing from the pages
  • that all the pages of the proof are visually consistent in layout and typography
  • that the copy editor's amendments have been correctly implemented (and catch any errors that the copy editor let slip)
  • that the text is correctly laid out on the page, that captions fit with tables and illustrations
  • that styles are consistent throughout the document (headlines, captions, footnotes)
  • that cross-references, the table of contents and the index refer to the correct pages
  • that there are no typographical errors, nor spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.