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Editing is the process of shaping a piece of writing into its final form.

You know what you want to say and that can make it very difficult for you to see what your work really does say. Whatever you are writing and whether you have an audience of one or of millions, you want it to be coherent and expressed in clear, well-constructed English. We can correct lack of fluency and inappropriate use of language, eliminate inconsistencies and point out factual errors. You retain full control of, and responsibility for, the content, structure and logic of the text. We always respect an author's voice and won't make unnecessary changes.

Editing will:

  • Check spelling, grammar and use of language including vocabulary and punctuation.

  • Check that the layout is consistent.

  • Check for a coherent structure.

  • Check that the style is consistent. This includes captions, tables, capitalisation, abbreviations, use of italics, hyphenation, dates, numbers, footnotes, textual references and bibliographic material.

  • Check that the title and headings reflect the content.

  • Check that explanations of terms and abbreviations are included.

  • Check that illustrations, figures, charts and tables appear in the right place in the text, are relevant and are correctly captioned.

  • Cross-check bibliographies and references.

  • Check the sense.

  • Suggest ways of rephrasing if necessary to make sure that the meaning is clear and to eliminate repetition, ambiguity and redundancy.

  • Create a table of contents if required.

  • Create a simple index if required.